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Reasons to Consider Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reasons to Consider Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

When most people think of plastic surgery, they tend to think of cosmetic procedures. Although many procedures done for cosmetic reasons, there are many individuals in Raleigh, NC who seek plastic surgery for reconstructive purposes. No matter if you have suffered an injury, disease, or trauma, reconstructive plastic surgery can help. If you are on the fence about reconstructive plastic surgery, here are four reasons why you should consider it.


Certain injuries, diseases, or congenital defects can impact functionality. For instance, a broken nose or deviated septum may impact your ability to breathe. If breathing is severely restricted, reconstructive plastic surgery can help to restore normal function to your nose.


Reconstructive facial plastic surgery can help to improve your overall health. Rhinoplasty can make it easier to breathe. Removing a cancerous growth on your skin can help to stop the spread of skin cancer.


Some conditions or trauma can leave you with a significant amount of discomfort. This can affect your ability to do certain tasks. With reconstructive plastic surgery, however, your comfort can be greatly improved. You can also regain the ability to do things that you were once able to do before developing your specific issues.



Many visible issues left behind by trauma or other defects can leave you feeling self-conscious. You may do everything you can to hide them. While you can take steps to hide what you’re feeling self-conscious about, such as wearing certain types of clothing or putting on makeup, they may not be enough. With facial plastic surgery raleigh nc, your appearance can be improved. When you’re happy with your appearance, your confidence is boosted. Others are sure to take note.

Reconstructive plastic surgery does a lot more than just improve your appearance. It can help to improve your health, comfort, and confidence, giving you back your way of life.

True Beauty Without Beauty Products

True Beauty Without Beauty Products

True beauty doesn’t come with expensive clothes or the skillful application of makeup, and it doesn’t change no matter what size or shape you are. All you need to do is care for yourself and your body. Here are a few things to do to take care of yourself and let your inner beauty shine.


Skin is the largest organ in the body and one of the very first things people notice about you, so take care of it with organic skin care products for sensitive skin and make sure to wear sunscreen. Don’t poison yourself with skin bleachers or harsh chemicals, just enjoy the skin that you have and love yourself the more for it. Remember that there is no one size fits all skin care solution. Everyone has different skin.


Similarly, the right combination of shampoo, conditioner, and other products is going to vary from person to person and hair type to hair type. Don’t just grab whatever is on sale at the grocery store, take the time to consider what’s going to work best for your particular hair type and remember that washing your hair every day might not actually be the best thing for it.


Brush your teeth every day, and go to the dentist to take care of any issues you have with your teeth. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money on straightening or whitening. A healthy smile with personality is always going to be better than a shining smile that doesn’t quite look real.

No matter what, remember that all of this starts with you taking care of yourself. Being naturally beautiful isn’t about looking like everyone else, it’s about looking like the best version of yourself. You can’t expect others to love you until you’ve learned to love yourself.

Health Benefits of a Spa Day

Health Benefits of a Spa Day

Are you feeling stressed out or under the weather? Treat yourself to a spa day. Outside of the obvious relaxing effects, a massage or facial Norfolk VA can provide you with surprising health benefits. If you need more convincing, here are a few ways a trip to the spa can help improve your health.

Massages Make You Smile

If you have ever received a massage, you may have felt happy and calm afterward. That’s because the stimulation from a massage triggers your brain to release serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine, all of which improve your mood. A sufficient lack of these feel-good chemicals can be a cause of depression and anxiety. A simple spa appointment can help improve your mental health, which, over time, may lead to an improvement in your physical health too.

It Helps Your Heart

The stress of everyday life can have a significant impact on your heart. Stress overworks your heart, which can lead to severe health complications. However, spa treatments reduce your stress levels. When you relax at the spa, your entire body relaxes with you.

Reducing your stress and anxiety levels, even if only during a short facial, can provide your heart with some relief. This is a habit that can lead to improved heart health. Plus, you get to enjoy the mental relaxation of a spa treatment.

It Improves Your Circulation

When you receive a massage, the movement stimulates your body, which helps to circulate your blood. This seems like a given, but what may surprise you is that you don’t have to get a full body massage to improve your blood circulation. You can receive the same benefits from a quick facial. Improved blood flow means that your body can receive nutrients and oxygen more efficiently.

The next time you need a little time to yourself, schedule an appointment at the spa. Enjoy a soothing treatment that suits your needs. Both your mind and body will thank you.

True Details for the best Nail Art Quality for You

True Details for the best Nail Art Quality for You

You want original manicures and dream to turn your nails into real works of art, it’s decidedand you start in nail art! To succeed your first nail arts, you will need patience, dexterity, and most importantly, some essential accessories!

Nail art: basic accessories

To make a homemade nail art, equip yourself, as with any manicure, with the following basic accessories:

A good base for nails

It will allow you to protect your nails layers of varnish (often multiple and very colorful nail art) that you apply later. Do not forget the top coat, the last layer of polish essential to make your manicure last!

You will also need different colors of varnish to achieve the reasons of your choice. Did you know that all nail polishes do not lend themselves to nail art? For example, if you wish to make nail art stamping (apply the varnish by a stamp system), it will be wise to invest in some nail polish specific stamping: thicker, their texture is specially worked to adhere to the stamp and you guarantee a more intense color on the nail. Red, blue, black glitter, iridescent everything is allowed!

The accessories to have beautiful nails or make a manicure: polisher, nail file, cuticle regrowth, nails clippers, nail scissors, etc. From komilfo they can have a perfect deal.

Nail art accessories: the material to start

Essential nail-art accessories

The dotting tool is one of the favorite accessories for beginners in nail art, this thin metal rod ends with a ball allow you to make round dots on your nails. A must for drawing on the nails!

The striping tape is also the essential accessory of nail art addicts. It comes as a very thin tape that exists in multiple colors and will allow you to make geometric patterns. You can then either position it on the nail, to delimit the area to be varnished, or use it as part of your manicure, it will be enough then to fix it with a layer of top coat!

  • Red white blue nail art made with striping tape
  • A nail art “Blue, white, red”, made with striping tape.
  • Nail art accessories: ready-to-use sets

To succeed your nail art, do not hesitate to decorate it with “ready-to-use” decorations:

  • Decals,
  • Rhinestones,
  • Sequins,
  • Small balls,

Studs (small metal elements)

These decorative accessories are perfect for beginners: easy to handle, they are self-adhesive or rest on the freshly applied varnish and will stay in place when the latter has dried thanks to the top coat. These small accessories will undoubtedly bring a touch of originality to your nail art!

Accessories for more complexes nail arts

The most dexterous will opt for a fine lera nail art brush, preferably in synthetic bristles, to draw directly on the nail.

Brush kits for nail art containing a fine brush, a wider brush, a liner, a fan brush

The stamp and the stamping plates will allow you to create complex patterns in a jiffy. They work on the principle of a stamp: you pass the stamp on the pattern plate that you have previously covered with varnish, and then you apply it on your nail! Infinity of possibilities is offered to you then.

The sponge will also be your ally to achieve gradients, more fuzzy renders, to create for example a “sunset” effect or “sea”, with different shades.

Tips to Clean Up Make Up Properly

Tips to Clean Up Make Up Properly

Makeup has become something of a major need for most women to perfect the appearance. Not a few women who always apply makeup on his face to always look more beautiful in every opportunity. But the use of makeup on the face, of course, should be in a normal dose and not too excessive considering the existence of some women who actually use makeup that does not fit the overall performance.

Properly cleaning makeup is one of the main things that women should be careful about. Not a few women who do not know how to clean the makeup attached to the face and eyes. Though the error when cleaning makeup it will cause problems for the skin. Here are some tips you must know to be able to clean the makeup properly and correctly:

1. Wash hands first before you clean the makeup attached to the face and eyes. Wash your hands with soap until your hands are completely clean of dust and dirt because the dust and dirt carried by the hand will stick to your makeup and skin cleanser so that it can invite the occurrence of bacteria causing skin problems.

2. Before starting to clean the makeup attached to the face is a good idea to compress your face first. Use a towel that you have soaked in warm water, wring the towel and then paste on the face. Towels that are still in a warm state will help open the pores of the face so that the rest of the makeup contained in the pores can be easily lifted.

3. Clean the makeup attached to the eye first, such as mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Makeup on the eyes should be cleaned slowly and detail so that no residual makeup left on the eye so that make your skin area easy to experience problems such as wrinkles and dry skin. You can use almond oil, baby oil, and olive oil to help you clean the makeup on your eyes.

4. After finishing clearing the eye area, then you can clean your face. You can start sweeping the cotton that has been given a special facial cleanser starting from the T, cheeks, chin, and do not forget the neck. You can use certain products as your facial cleanser, of course, you must be smart to choose which cleanser is suitable for your skin. If you want to use natural ingredients instead of the usual cleanser you can use cucumber or yogurt juice mixed with milk.

Do not forget to rinse your face using clean water if it is felt all parts of the face is completely free and clean from makeup. Rinse face using clean and cold water to close back open pores during the process of cleaning makeup, in addition, to rinse face using cold water will make the face look fresh again.

The cleaned and rinsed face should be dried by gently tapping the face using a towel with a soft texture. Avoid wiping your face roughly and using a makeshift towel. Towels with soft, smooth texture, and high absorption function to absorb the remaining water on the face so that the face will return dry quickly. After the entire process of cleansing your face is done, use a special cream to protect your skin to keep awake moisture

This Is A Dermatologist’s Advice For Anti-Aging Treatment

This Is A Dermatologist’s Advice For Anti-Aging Treatment


Confused about choosing the most appropriate beauty products to overcome the signs of aging? Beauty product advertisements alone are not enough to help you find the best anti-aging treatments to rejuvenate the skin every day. But be calm, because renowned dermatologists have the best advice for you.

Aging problems do vary, ranging from wrinkles, black spots, facial lines, to lack of skin elasticity. To overcome this, you need a beauty product that can rejuvenate the skin as recommended by the following okdermo skincare:

– Complete treatment with sunscreen

Exposure to sunlight is one of the causes of the more rapid signs of aging that appear on the skin. Therefore, you need to protect your skin to the fullest from sun exposure using sunscreen which has zinc oxide of 5{3123d73abe6b8fa43ad10759c370ef09267ff8b601c15a311c10b76040bb9005} or more. This content provides the best protection for the skin from UV exposure.

– Choose products that can help collagen production

Increasingly, the skin’s ability to produce collagen is slower. This is what makes the signs of aging more visible. To overcome this, choose beauty products that contain retinoids, vitamin C and glycolic acid. This type of sap helps to rejuvenate the skin by forming collagen that is better than the skin.

– Choose products that are rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are one of the most useful ingredients in beauty products. The content you can find on products that contain vitamin C and polyphenols helps fight the bad effects of the environment that cause signs of aging. In addition, antioxidants also help restore skin youthiness by making it supple, smooth, and soft.

– Choose products that help brighten

Darkening of the skin is also caused by aging, you know. Therefore, make sure the product you choose also contains glycolic acid, retinoids, or other natural ingredients that can brighten uneven dark colors. You can complete it by choosing an eye cream that can overcome the dark color under the eyes.

Choosing beauty products for anti-aging care is not allowed to play games. Besides having to pay attention to the types of benefits offered, you also need to be keen to pay attention to the content in them. By choosing beauty products from okdermo store, you can maintain youthfulness and skin health and avoid signs of aging optimally from now on.